Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Because Life is Better Bronze ☼

Hey guys,
Hope everyone's week has been good so far. I have been so bogged down with college work lately as my finals start Saturday week. Seriously trying not to panic as that will get me no where, so, deep breaths and we'll plough on through :)

Anyway, Iv been dying to tell you all about my weekend in Dublin meeting the fabulous Marissa Carter, creator of Cocoa Brown tan :)

About 3 weeks I received a twitter direct mail from Marissa herself saying that she saw my blog review on Cocoa Brown and would love to have me for lunch in the amazing Shelbourne 5 star hotel. I was so excited and delighted & of course I said yes! :) I patiently waited for my trip up to meet the bronzed beauty and received my offical invite early last week.

Here's a peak at it...

So Friday gone, myself and John drove up to Dublin as we decided to make a weekend of it :) That night we met a few friends for dinner and drinks and made it back to the hotel early as I had some serious tanning to do ;)
Saturday morning I woke up early to glam myself up. I was soooo excited but nervous too, in a good way :) Lunch staretd at 12.30 where Marissa greeted us (myself and a few other bloggers from Dublin) at the door. The room was decorated fabulously and in my sight were some gorgeous Cocoa Brown goodie bags.

The menu was absolutley top class and the food was delicious! Here's a look at our special Cocoa Brown menu :)
Throughout the meal, myself and the other bloggers got to know a little bit about eachother and our work. Marssia was also telling us everything there was to know about her new brand and was such a nice woman to talk to! :)
Dessert was served.... How cute? :)
Marissa loved all of our blogs and wanted us to demo her new Night&Day tan which was pulled from the production line especially for us on our lunch day :) The offical launch of this product is in 2 weeks time along with a few other fab products :) As a lot of you saw on Facebook last night, I applied the Night&Day tan for the first time so this is why I waited to blog as I wanted to have a full review for you guys.
So the difference between the original Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan and this new Night&Day tan is that this one is more instant. So much like your Sally hansen or Rimmel, this tan is instant tan that does not need washing off after you apply it straight away. It comes out very dark originally and dries instantly. The trick with this tan is that Marissa wanted to target both audiences who love a dark and light tan. After this tan is washed off the next day, nearly 70% of the main colour washes off so you are left with just a very light hint of tan pigment on your skin. So no scrubbing off for days.
So for exapmle, If you love a really dark instant tan and you were heading out on a Saturday night, pop this on beofre you head out and then your clothes and you're good to go! The next day is when you shower. If you have pale skin and find the original 1 hour tan too dark for you after its development, pop this colour on on a friday night, sleep in it, and on Saturday morning when you shower you will be left with a very light and natural glow :) So it's the best of both worlds! Personally, I love my tan dark. So I will continue to use the 1 hour development tan for when I am hitting the town but for during the week when I just want a hint of a glow and to get rid of the pale look, Night&Day will be my new best friend :) So there you have it. Smiles all round'. Pick up a bottle when its out guys and try it for yourself :)
To celebrate Cocoa Brown's launch in Penney's, Marissa kindly treated us all to a €50 Penney's voucher which I cannot wait to use :) Shopping haul soon ;) I'll take a sneaky study break.
Here is what I wore on the day...
Print Trousers- Zara (they always have the nicest pairs)
Tank top- H&M
Sleeveless Cardi- Penney's
Gold Chain- Penney's
Tan bag & shoes- Penney's.
Here is a snap of Marissa and I...
Thank you so much for such for the invite, for the amazing weekend and a fabulous experience I will never forget! :) xx
I was also invited to the launch of Salon Hair and Beauty Supplies Shop, Kinsale road on Sunday :) The owner Ciara has kindly offered me a set of Gellish for a few months, compliemts of the shop in order to show you guys the fab results of Gellish! (Another version of Shellac polish) :) I wore gels and acrylics for years and my nails were in bits! So tiny and damaged. I am now wearing Gellish to rebuild my natural nails and I have seen such an improvement already. They finally have a bit of length and strength! I will be continuing with gellish for another few months and I will be doing regular blog posts on my nail development and the fab colours I will be getting each month :) Check out the amazing selction of Gellish colours here and look for your nearest salon that practice it. Eventhough it is very similar to Shellac, Gellish have a much larger range and variety of colours especially brights and neons. The colours are just devine!
I hope you all enjoyed my insight to the Cocoa Brown lunch date guys :)
Chat soon,
Love Lauren.



Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Long Live Festival Love ✌☮♫

Hey guys :)

OK, so a few of you might remember this post from a few weeks ago but I am delighted to announce that I am collaborating with new online clothing company Nopolka.com for a few exciting projects :)

So, on the topic of festival fashion, lots of fab gigs are happening this Summer at the Marquee along with Oxygen and Electric Picnic fast approaching. These festivals are the perfect excuse to rock out in the cutest outfits that are perfect for the occasion :)

With Jessie J at the Marquee next week AND supporting Justin Timberlake, Nopolka.com have scoped out some fab outfits at great prices from their online store that are BANG on the Jessis J rock chick trend :) Check out some of the looks here..

Jessie Look 1- Snake Skin Jacket

Jessie Look 2- Black Disco Pants

Jessie Look 3- Pink Disco Style Skater Skirt

Jessie Look 4- Crop Top Polo Tee's

Jessie Look 5- Statement Crop Top

Jessie Look 6- Midnight Blue Disco Pants

I recently posted a pic of myself on Facebook this week off to see Kesha at the Marquee. She was FAB and I had such a good night with the girls. Here is what I wore...

Baseball tee- Penneys
Leather fringe skirt- Bershka last Summer
Shoes- Korkeys
Chunk Chain- Penneys
Monochrome bag- Oasis.

I thought this look was quite 'Kesha' appropriate. Especiialy the fringe skirt :) I love this piece. It is so different and nothing like you would normally see. Monochrome is a look I am totally in love with at the moment. So glam and chic :)

Here are some more festival fashion tips;

In general, festival wear is all about ACCESSORIES!! Accessorise to the max and you will be half way there! :) 

It's ALL about the hair on the day so rock out some loose beach waves and a hat, bandanna or flower head band. So fab and Boho chic ;) 

I love Vanessa Hudgen's festival looks. She always gets it right! 

I think everyone will associate the Festival look with denim shorts and a tee. It doesn't always have to look the exact same if you experiment and add your own little twist such as a denim jacket, a waist coat, a cute oversized cardi and a very cute bag that you will be able to keep safe for the day. In this case I would suggest a ruck sack. Perfect for holding everything on your back all day and not to mention the fact that they are super cute! :) 



Penney's have a fab selection of rucksacks at the moment so don't go spending a fortune!

Here are some classic looks that we all know and love..

Love this! Pop on your favourite colour lippy to stand out from the crowd ;) The brighter the better!

As you all know at this stage I am a leather FANATIC so this look defo gets a thumbs up for me. Nothing says rock chick more than a bit of leather.

 Big fan of this chunky neck piece. Its all about statement and you can be as loud as you like.

If you want something a little different to your classic festival rig-out, pop on a cute dress and edge it out with  a denim cut off jacket and biker boots. So fab and totally dressed for the occasion. Love Pixie Lott's version of this look.

Remember, the key is to accessorise! Most of the necessities will be available in Penney's so defo make your one stop shop there. We all know it's not going to be the cleanest of days so kinda' think of it as a cheap disposable outfit that we wont mourn the loss of if something gets lost in the mosh pit ;)

I hope this blog gives you guys some outfit inspiration for the day that's in it and I hope you all thoroughly enjoy yourselves :) Fingers crossed this sunshine keeps up and Be good! But if you cant be good, be safe ;)

Chat soon,
Love Lauren x 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fashionistas And The City ✌

Hey Guys :)
Hope everyone has had a great weekend.  Here we are, once again, another Sunday night and a new week ahead of us. Time is absolutely flying! Slightly terrifying in a way as I have my final year exams in 3 weeks :/ but on the bright side, Marbella in exactly 8 weeks so bring on some sunshine! :D

Nothing like Marbella will be (at least it was dry) but today my family and I took a trip to the beach with my doggy and worked up an appetite for a gorgeous meal afterwards :) Here are some snaps..

Hahaha LOVE this pic! How funny does she look. 

YUM! My favourite dessert Banoffee Pie. 

So first off, I would like to congratulate our 2 winners again of the Pamper Hampers, Claire and Jen :) Well done girls, hope you are enjoying them :) Claire was presented with her hamper in SuperValu in Stradbally & I personally delivered Jen's hamper to her here in Cork :) It was so nice to meet one of my readers and I will defo do this whenever I get the chance as I do think its really important to interact personally with you amazing people following Love Lauren :) It gives me a chance to get to know you too :) So well done again girls!

Last weekend I wore my new denim playsuit from Penney's along with absolutely everything else I was wearing :P All from my favourite bargain store.. Here's a quick reminder of the outfit..

I love all of my tan accessories :) These will be fab in the Summer and match everything :) These were the shoes I blogged about recently, they were so comfy! Big thumbs up :) Complete outfit for €49!(playsuit,shoes,bag,belt)

This Friday night I wore a red dress that a lot of you seemed to like :) Thanks for your lovely comments on Facebook. This dress is one of my favs :) Classy with the long sleeves and shoulder pads but very sexy with the low cut cleavage.

This dress is from my favourite online clothing store Missguided.co.uk. I got this dress in a size 6 as it is quite a big fitted dress with lots of material gathering the middle so its better off a tighter fit. Click here to buy now!

This week was also the launch of my new Blog section 'Fashionistas And The City'. It was so much fun and a great success :) I will defo continue with this and take picys on a weekly basis as it gives us all a broader range of style and fashion finds from our favourite stores :) So here are the gorgeous girls from my first stop at UCC :)

Jacket- Zara
Hoodie-Victoria Secrets
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Converse

Boots & Shirt- Penney's
Leggings & Tee- River Island
Leather Jacket- H&M

Jumper- Topshop
Disco pants- American Apparel
Studded Pumps- Penney's

Jacket- Dunnes
Bag, Skirt, Boots, Hat& Scarf- Penney's (The same as my tan colour bag above, €13) 
Tights-Lidl (bargain!!) 

Jeans- H&M
Denim Jacket, Top, Bag & Studded Pumps- Penney's

Jacket- Zara 
Shoes- Vans
Jeans- BT's sale 
Bag & Scarf- Penney's 

So as you can see guys, some SERIOUS fashion finds with nothing breaking the bank! I'm not the only bargain bunny about the place ;) Fashion does not have to be at a price guys. Trends come and go so why pay a fortune? High street all the way :) 

Here is what I wore on the day...

Lemon Jeans- H&M
Jumper, Pumps, Bag & Sunnies- Penney's 
Leather Jacket- Lisa 
Rose Gold chain- Claire's Accessories. 
Rose Gold Belt- Missguided.co.uk 

Hope you enjoyed round 1 of  F.A.T.C  :) Happy shopping girls! 

Next weekend I have such a busy schedule but I cannot wait! I have an exciting lunch date in the Shelbourne hotel in Dublin on Saturday then back up to Cork on Sunday as I have been invited to the launch of a new store opening :) I will have a full blog post next weekend filling you guys in on EVERYTHING :) 

I have also teamed up with NRGfitness in the Lee hotel Cork, to offer you guys a great competition announced tomorrow on my Facebook page :) They have very generously invited me to try out all of their facilities so this week I will be swimming, gyming and attending a few fitness classes. So keep posted to my page tomorrow for more info :) 

This weekend I also reached 5,000 likes on my Facebook page and an amazing 50,000 blog views! I cant even begin to explain how happy I am and I just want to thank all of you again for your amazing support and to all the great business' who have been involved :) Thank you all and hey, this is just the beginning! 

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks post and the launch of Fashionitas and The City :) 

Chat soon,
Love Lauren x