Monday, 30 September 2013

All Go Go Go.

Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing well and as stylish as ever ;)

So today was the day before moving day, so, stressful to say the least. I had a list the length of my arm to do but to be honest, thinking about it was half the chore.

I was up and all for 9am on the phone making calls and sorting out my car and some bits and pieces for the new website (soon I promise), getting my sterling, checking in online and just running around like a crazy person in general. By 3pm I had run all my errands but I still had so much packing to do :( Ugh! Anyway it's all done and dusted now so I'm all set for the morning :) Can you believe it's come 'round so fast! I still remember telling you guys on the blog that I had 7 weeks to go and now it's TOMORROW! Crazy :) I am so so excited :D

Once we settle into the apartment by tomorrow evening I'll relax. My best friend Gemma is coming with my Mom and I to settle in so we'll have a bit of fun :) I live about a 15 minute walk through a park to Primark/Penneys so I'm really looking forward to going in and picking up some home ware things and decorating the apartment with little bits and pieces :) I am a little bit stressed over silly small things like getting an english phone and setting up the wifi and connecting a TV etc. but I'll leave John to sort out all that stuff :P John is back from America on Sunday after Gemma and my Mom leave :) It'll be nearly 2 months since I saw him last so I'll be so excited to see him and have a proper catch up :) I miss doing the little things together like going for dinner or to see a movie, so it'll be nice to have him back :) We have both been so busy the last 7 weeks so time really did go by super fast!

Anyway I'm up in about 6 hours.. (puke! I hate early mornings) so I better get some beauty sleep. Big day ahead of me :) I'll try my best to take some snaps tomorrow and do a blog post :) I live really close to Starbucks so I'll pop in for my first of MANY mocha's :P

Oh and here is a little outfit post on yesterday...

 Jacket/Bershka, Jeans/Penneys, Shoes/River Island, Jumper/Gasoline, Bag/Penneys.  

Chats with my sister :) xx 

OK guys, suppose I'll chat to you all from London :) Bring on the big city! :) 

Love Lauren

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hey everyone,

Sorry I'm a bit late posting. I was out with my sister and a few friends watching the hurling match and packing my suitcase. I totally despise packing for a holiday let alone packing to move house to a different country! Stressful to say the least. Thankfully my mom and I are quite organised people and got most of it done tonight :) Just a few more bits and bobs to pack away but nothing major.

Anyway so last night was Gemma's brother's 21st :) We had so much fun and it was nice to enjoy a Friday night work free :) I have fallen in love with cosmopolitan cocktails! I don't think I had ever tried one before so last night I had one and it was AMAZING! So fruity and sour, it was gorgeous :) Defo a new love of mine :)

I also got to wear my new quilted Zara skirt which I am totally obsessed with. I spotted it online a few weeks ago and had to have it! It's so pretty and because it's black it matches everything. I wore it with bare legs last night but it will be perfect in the Winter with tights and boots :) Total practical purchase :P

Here are some snaps..

Yummy.. Cosmo! :)

 Gemma & I... best friends :)

The super stylish birthday boy, Ian :) 

Skirt/Zara, Chiffon top/Bershka, Boots/Penneys, Bag/Oasis, Chain/Mi Moneda, Watch/Ebay 

Now I'm gonna' chill out and indulge in my Sex and The City box set with a Teaser bar and Red Doritos :) Wild Saturday night ;) 

Chat Soon,
Love Lauren 

Friday, 27 September 2013

To Arthur!

Hey guys,

Happy Friday! :D

We said goodbye to my little cousin today after a few nights of babysitting. I was a bit upset saying goodbye just because I'm moving in a few days. I know it's just to London which is like 30 minutes away and I'll be home a lot.. it's just the initial goodbye. I'm terrible at them! Anyway I'll just have to remember how close to home I'll be and I'm home about 4 times before Christmas already! haha.

Anyway, as you all know, yesterday was Arthur's day, and because I'm an Arthurs myself, I felt it would be rude not to celebrate it :P I met my sister and her friends in the city and headed into The Bailey bar early enough to grab a good seat. The place was absolutely packed and the atmosphere was unreal! I had my first pint of Guinness yesterday, well it was a half pint & absolutely flooded with blackcurrant! Needless to say I absolutely HATED it! haha! 2 sips and I was finito. I held it a little while though to be part of the 17.59 toast TO ARTHUR! It was so much fun :)

I also had my nails done yesterday morning with Cliona. Look how cute they are! I just love the burgundy colour :)

Here are some snaps of yesterday :)

 Jumpsuit/No Polka, Jacket/Bershka, Shoes/Converse, Bag/Penneys, Scarf/Bershka. 

My little darling cousin Jamie :) 

To Arthur!  

I am having a yummy Chinese takeaway for dinner tonight before I head to Gemma's brothers 21st :) I'm really looking forward to having a few drinks and catchup with the girls :) I also can't wait to wear my new Zara skirt :) it's super cute!

Enjoy your weekend guys and for all my Cork readers.. UP THE REBELS!!! :) Looking forward to heading into the city centre to show some support for the match tomorrow :) The atmosphere will be electric!

Chat soon, 
Love Lauren.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sunnies in September

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been late in putting up a blog post the past few days. My aunt is on a little trip away to London with her hubby and my mom, sister, nanny and I have been watching my baby cousin. He's here till Friday so we have our work cut out for us. He's a little rogue but we love him :)

Anyway, on Monday night The East Village staff had a bon voyage bash for me :) We had a ball as usual. Our staff nights are always mental! We work hard, play hard :) Thanks so much for everything, you guys are the best :) & I'll miss you loads but I'll be home plenty!

Here are some snaps :)

 Mocha Dress/ Same as the pink one I wore recently from Missguided, Leather jacket/H&M, Marilyn Munroe scarf/ Glitz & bobs. I will be stocking it in my Love Lauren Boutique soon :) 

 Love you guys :) 

Today we all went for lunch in the Radison and brought my little cousin. My mom and nan had to run a few errands so I just pottered over to Mahon Point to pick up a skirt I had ordered from ZARA online recently. It's fab! :) I absolutely love it. Here is what I wore. Tights season is officially here :( 

Jumper/Last season Bershka, Skirt/H&M, Boots/Penneys, Bag/Penneys 

How cute are my new monochrome sunnies? :) hehehe.. Sunnies in September. Here's hoping for a sunny Winter :P 

I also started to pack today so I've made a dent in it. I haven't even finished and I still have loads left to bring! hahaha. Wish me luck :P 

Chat soon, 
Love Lauren. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Quick Change

OK so here is outfit post number 2 :)

After the christening it was home for a quick outfit change and straight to Tiffany and Sally's 21st party :)

Here are some snaps..


 The stunning birthday girls :)

Tiff and I.. Gal Pals :) x

 Dress/Missguided, Shoes/Penneys, Clutch/New Look, Watch/eBay

Sisters dress is from Spain again :)

One of the  best guys I know :) Mister Alan Hands :) x

Monochrome balloons :) Match my dress :P

Beautiful couple :) Love my friends :) x
So tonight is my going away party with the staff of East Village :) It's gonna be so much fun! I'll have plenty of photos tomorrow :)
I have SO much to do before I move away and I haven't one thing packed! PANIC! I promised myself I'll start tomorrow morning!
Chat soon,
Love Lauren

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Hey guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend :) I finished work in The East Village on Friday night after almost 4 years of working there :) I am having my going away party with all the staff tomorrow night. I'll be sad to say goodbye but I'm SO excited for a new adventure :)

Yesterday one of my friend's, Clo , christened her beautiful baby girl Emilia :) It was such a nice day and the weather was perfect for the occasion :) After the mass there was a gorgeous BBQ and sweets buffet in the Maryborough house hotel. It was such a nice afternoon and evening. I couldn't stay for the entire night as I had my besties 21st in the city centre also. So it was home for a quick shower, change of dress and out the door :P It was a great weekend to finish work with all the celebrations :)

I am so exhausted now today though so I'm having a chill out night with my friend Gemma. I haven't seen her much with work all last week so it'll be nice to chill out and have a much needed catchup and get planning for London :D (Tuesday week) ahh!!

I also had one of the final meetings today in relation to a new project I've been working on all Summer, so stay posted to my Facebook page tonight where I will be sharing all the details :) Super excited!! :)

Anyway here is what I wore to the christening...

Dress/Missguided, Shoes/River Island, Bubble Necklace/ My own (Love Lauren Boutique available to buy soon), Clucth/New Look

Mommy, daddy & baby :) 

My sisters dress is from Spain :) 

Second outfit post from the 21st coming up :) 

Love Lauren