Monday, 16 September 2013


Hey everyone,

New week, fresh start :) I quite like Monday's even though everyone else seems to hate them :) The Summer is most definitely gone with weather like today. It is SO windy out so no skirts today :P

Anyway, I am doing a bit of reminiscing and you know those times you just wish you could go back and do it all again? Well that's like me today and over the next few days 'cause this time last year my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Milan Fashion Week for 5 days! It was the best present I have ever gotten, I actually started crying when I opened his card and saw flights booked for MFW! haha. Fashion is literally my life so I couldn't possibly of been happier!

It was absolutely amazing and the style in Milan was just exquisite! The weather in September was still so warm so that made it even better :) We also took a day trip out to Venice as we were so close. Myself and John being together over 7 years have visited a few cities on birthday/Christmas breaks but this was definitely my favourite place. Milan is such a stunning city and I would recommend it to anyone :)

We went to lots of fashion shows, of course I did a spot of shopping :P, ate some yummy meals and drank plenty of cocktails :) A trip to remember :) I will definitely be returning to Milan Fashion Week in the near future :)

Here are some snaps..

 Duomo is so beautiful :) 

Our yummy lunch :) 

 Venice! :) 

These Venetian streets were so cool.

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